11 de junio de 2012

Trascendence As Avoidance

I want to emphasize this. If you avoid those aspects of your life that are not in harmony -those where you may still be in denial- that kind of avoidance is going to hinder your spiritual awakening- In the early stages, it may not have much of an effect. But later, as we get more into the more mature opening of realization, there is no more room for denial. This is something that a lot of people don´t count on. A lot of us think that somehow enlightenment is going to allow us to avoid dealing with those things in ourselves that we find uncomfortable.

Awakening can be the ground from which we meet every person and situation. It can be the ground from which we relate to all the circumstances of life. But this takes a lot of courage and a lot of fearlessness. It also takes something I continue to emphasize: a very simple sincerity. This kind of sincerity arises from that which loves the truth and sees that the truth is the greatest good.

To be anything less than real, to be in avoidance of anything at all, diminishes our experience of who we are. As I often say to my students, to be less than truthful with the people and situations in your life is to withhold the expression of who you are. In the end, we must come to see that truth itself is the highest good, that truth itself is the greatest expression and manifestation of love. Ultimately, love and truth are identical; they are like two sides of a coin. You can´t have truth without love, and you can´t have love without truth.

Awakening calls forth a transformation in both our interior and exterior lives. Again, please don´t think this transformation is about having the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect marriage, or the perfect friendship. This is not about perfection; it is about wholeness. It is not about having things exactly as we want them, but about having things exactly as they are. When we allow things to be, a sense of harmony develops; the gap between our realization and who we are as a human being gets smaller and smaller. A seamless continuum begins to emerge between realization and expression, awakening and its actualization.
(The End Of Your World. Adyashanti)

6 de junio de 2012


With each step you go, you have less and less tendency to look down. You have less tendency to act in ways you know aren´t true or to speak in ways you know aren´t true or do things you know aren´t coming from truth. You start to realize that the consequences have become greater; the more awake we get, the greater the consequences are. Finally, the consequences of acting outside of truth become inmense; the slightest action or behavior that´s not in accordance with the truth can be unbearable to us.

This type of responsability is not something we count on when we imagine awakening. We thinkthat awakening will be a get-out-of-jail-free card. Initially we have a relationship with the spiritual freedom of awakening that is infantile.

We thin that freedom is a personal thing, that it is about feeling extraordinarily good and free. But freedom is much more nuanced than that. It is not a personal thing; it is not an acquisition for us.

As we become more conscious, we begin to see that there are consequences. There are consequences to every thing, and they get bigger and bigger the more we behave in ways that are not in harmony with what we know is true. This is actually a wonderful thing. It is what i call fierce grace. It is not a soft grace; it is not the kind of grace that is beautiful and uplifting. But it is a grace nonetheless. We know that when we act from what is not true, we will only be causing ourselves pain. That knowing is a grace.

Reality is always true to itself. When you´re in harmony with it, you experience bliss. As soon as you are not in harmony with it, you experience pain. This is the law of the universe; it is the way things are. Nobody gets out of this law. To me, this knowledge is a grace. Reality is consistent. Argue with it, go against it, and it will hurt -every single time. It will hurt you, it will hurt others, and it will contribute to the general conflict of all beings.

But this fierceness is also beautiful. It helps orient us deeper and deeper  into our true nature. We realize that to behave from any place other than our true nature is destructive to ourselves and, just as important, to the world and others around us. The more we understand this, the more often we are able to right ourselves when we get off course.

The end of your world. Adyashanti.